Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly update...


I love you guys and I love Karissa so I'm glad you all love her and get to see her 

because I don't :(

But I'm only going to be emailing for a little bit right now because our schedule is different today since it is Halloween they don't want us out tracting tonight.  So we did this morning and then our P-day is the rest of the day. We are going to Enumclaw which is about 25 minutes away to play basketball and volley ball for the rest of the night with all the missionaries.

The mission is going good.  We have a couple of potential investigators right now.  Hopefully we can get somewhere with them. Other then that we are doing a lot of work for the ward. There are about 76 less active families that we have been going around trying to contact. The ward is kinda in a rough shape.  They just got a new Bishop 2 weeks before I got here so we are just trying to find out who is even still in the ward.  So that is basically what we have been doing.

We had about 4 less active families at our Halloween Party Friday.

I need stamps and if at all possible music!!!  We listen to a lot of music. NOT just mo-tab but like good music. Oh also another long sleeve would be nice.

We are usually really good at getting dinners made for us every night which is really Nice!!!

They have a Pizza Hut and a Safeway. Food is expensive!! 

We are eating good. You will see in my next pictures I am sending home.  We have so many drinks, like hundreds of Gatorades that we get for free for doing service at the Food Bank. I have put on 8 lbs already.

My companion is a cook and he makes me food he is so loving.  Yes, I do the dishes.

I love all you guys lots!
Elder Ethan Wayne Stucki
October 31, 2016

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