Monday, June 25, 2018

May 29, 2018

This week was has truly been a week of miracles! It started off last Sunday as we heard from a member in the Bishopric that the (M) who have been less active but have been coming out to church, have 2 daughters who are 11 and 12 who are not baptized!! Well kinda... So the mom wanted the 12 year old to go on the temple trip on Saturday with the youth and as she met with the Bishop he found out she didn't even have records. The mom says that her and her younger sister were baptized at 8 back in Hawaii but there is no records of them anywhere. The ward has searched everywhere and even called Salt Lake but there is no record for them. So Wednesday night we got a call from the Bishop asking us how to go forth with a re-baptism. Since they had come out to church over 3 times we were just going to teach them all the lessons and then baptize them Friday so she could go to the temple on Saturday. The font at the temple broke and so the trip was cancelled so we are not in a rush anymore. Friday night we taught them and went over the baptismal interview questions and got a feel of what they know and are teaching them right now. They will get baptized this next Saturday June 2!! We are so excited for them they are awesome. The dad is also not a member so we hope as we teach the kids the dad will soften his heart as well!

But that is not all the Miracles!!! Thursday night at 8:30 we went to visit a referral in a apartment complex but she wasn't home. We decided to try another referral in the same complex we have been trying to get a hold of but have missed. Anyways he was home and let us right in!! He and his wife are from Kenya and they were so kind and we taught them about the Book of Mormon and bore testimony of how much it will benefit them in their lives. It was a simple lesson yet the Spirit was so strong. They both said they knew it was true before we even asked them to read it. At the end of the lesson they did commit to read the Book of Mormon and they both committed to baptism for July 7th!!!

We were so blessed this week with finding and having 4 new investigators placed in our hands and on date for baptism. (G) is also progressing super well. She accepts everything we teach and is willing to change if she needs to, to please God. She has so many member friends and they will study together. She is super excited for her baptism as well for June 9th!! The Lord has been blessing us so much lately and things are going so good! I love the mission and I love this gospel. It's the sweetest moments in the world watching things click in these individuals heads, seeing the light that comes into their eyes as they learn more and desire to be a part of it.

It has been such a blessing in my life watching our investigator (G) as she learns about this gospel. She is just like Lehi in 1 Nephi 8:12. She knows that this gospel is true and she desires it more in her life but not just in her life but also in others lives as well. She has been inviting friends and family to come to her baptism and to church. She is even bringing a less active family back to church!! It's so amazing the joy that comes into ones life as they accept this message.

I'm also grateful for all of you and hope that you all have a good week. Thanks for all you do. Love ya!
Elder Ethan Stucki

We had transfers this week but Elder Wright and I stayed together. This was the transfer that decided where we will go or what mission we will go into. So I will be going to the Seattle mission.

We are going to Buffalo Wild Wings today. and yeah we would love some food!! we are like out!! we are still pretty good on cereal. idk what else there is to ship. Those black forest fruit snacks are the best!!! yes I love jerky. granola bars are good the sunbelt honey and oats ones!! chili is good. maybe a little mac and cheese

I gotta go tho have a good week  I love you all!!

May 21, 2018


Okay so this week I think I'm just going to touch over some of the better points of the week. We were able to have 3 lessons with our investigator who is on date for June 9th. She is progressing and for the most part most her family is pretty supportive even though they are mostly all Catholics. She is from Guam. She was having a party at her house so on Tuesday she asked us to mow her lawn and clean up her yard because it was very much overgrown. It was fun to get out and work.

We were able to have our first lesson with the (M) family. They are less active members that were baptized within the last 5 years. They moved here from Texas a little over a year ago and just haven't been out to church. They are a younger couple with 2 kids that are like 4 and 5. We taught them on Tuesday and they had us over for dinner on Friday and then again on Sunday!! They are also doing really well. It's cool because we  met them through our investigator (J) because they are good friends. We have been able to go through all the lessons with them together for the most part.

Thursday we had zone conference which went pretty good. Elder Wright and I taught about Strengthening Our Desire to Serve and Our Faith that we can accomplish what we set out to do. We tied it along with Joseph Smith's first vision account and how his desire was to know what church to join. Joseph Smith had full confidence and faith that he would receive an answer and was fully willing to get up off his knees after he prayed to go and join what ever church he was told to join. As he prayed the first thing that came to him was opposition. He was seized upon by some dark unknown spirit. We all have opposition in our lives especially when we are trying to do what is right. Joseph then exerted all of his power to call upon the name of the Lord and was delivered from the darkness and not only received an answer but a specific answer and later he had instructions given to him of how to accomplish it. Which is what we know as the Restoration of the Gospel. That is a quick run down of what we went over but it was pretty good!

Saturday we had our Finding Festival which was way fun. We moved it to week 5 of the transfer but we mixed it up this time. We didn't do any tracting but everything was done out in public. We rode from 10:00 - 5:00. We rode the buses around federal way talking to people, we set up whiteboards with questions about God in parks and taught people. Some missionaries went to the baseball games that were going on and drew the Gospel of Jesus Christ into hop scotch and taught people there. It was a good day! We ended up finding 33 potential investigators and 4 new investigators as a zone!! It was a good day.

Sunday we had a pretty cool experience. We were at this big apartment complex. We had prayed and felt that we should go and tract there as we were doing our planning in the morning. When we got there we felt like we should pray to know what specific building to go to. As we did it was pretty interesting because we both got a different answer. (It has been a testimony builder for me as I have been on my mission that almost every day as my companions and I pray we come out with the same answer of what we should do. Then we see miracles as we go and do it. But this time it was different)

I felt like we should go to apartment B and Elder Wright thought we should go to apartment A.

We decided either way they were both on the other end of the complex so we were kinda confused but decided to start walking that way. We were about to get in the car to just drive over there but I decided that we might as well just walk and talk to people as we go. As we were about half way there we met 2 guys about 19 and 20 walking home. (D) & (V) We stopped and talked to them and they were so prepared to hear what we had to say. They said that they had talked with missionaries in the past and they invited them out to play basketball and have a lesson but they forgot where it was. Every Friday night at 7:00 we play basketball with the ward mission leader and invite all the non members we find and our investigators. Anyways they should be coming this week. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and they both asked for a copy and said that they would have some read before Friday night!

I'm so grateful for the way that the Lord works. I'm pretty sure that if he would have given us both the impression to go to apartment A or both of us to go to apartment B, we most likely would have been so excited to get there that we might not have taken the time to talk to these 2 guys along the way. Trying to do "what the Lord wanted us to do" but missed the wonderful opportunities that He was presenting to us along the way.

I'm so grateful for the Spirit in my life. We have seen many miracles the past couple weeks ad we have listened to the promptings of the Spirit which has lead us to much success. I know that the promises of the Spirit extend beyond missionary work as well and we should constantly be striving to listen to and follow the promptings as they come to us in our daily lives as well. I pray that you will all follow promptings so that you will find more guidance in all that you need.

I love you all and hope you have a good week!!
Elder Ethan Wayne Stucki

~Mom...(answers for Ty)
I did not use an umbrella.
Thermals are good. I would not get the thermal long john garments but just get regular thermals to wear over your garments. I never used shoe polish. journals are good. I would get a big one with big pages because it makes you write more if you try to fill out the whole page each day and also then you can put things in it like the programs of baptisms and things like that. .38 G2 pilot pens are the best. pencils are good to. sticky notes are good. oh well that's good then! also if anyone is ever wanting to send any gift card, there is a buffalo wild wings here...okay we will take you up on that next Tuesday because everyone goes there the last week of the transfer. yes transfers will be next Tuesday. Highlighters are nice for Preach My Gospel. don't use them in scriptures though it ruins them. color pencils are good for scriptures and certain pens as well to underline as long as they don't bleed through

May 14, 2018

I will probably keep it a little shorter today because I was able to talk to you yesterday for Mother's Day which was good! It was fun to see all of your faces and how much you all have grown but you all seem like your goofy selves still. ha ha

On Tuesday we had a really awesome lesson with a less active Part Member Family. We went over for dinner with a member and they had another couple who was there to have dinner with us. She is a member that was baptized 5 years ago and he is not a member. They both have had a super tough life with drugs for the past 20-30 years. He has been in and out of jail for 30 years which has been super hard. They just recently lost there home and they have one daughter who is 12. They are trying to change. They have been clean from drugs for 5 months and have been wanting to come back to church. It was good to be able to teach them and start to help them with that.

President Rasmussen also went out on splits with us Tuesday night so that was fun. Our lesson fell through so we got to find some investigators and do some tracting with him.

Thursday and Friday I was on an exchange with Elder Drabicki in the Spanish branch. It was kinda fun. Although I didn't do much because it was mostly in Spanish. But we did go to see a referral of a man named (A) that we had found in our area and he spoke Spanish so we said we would send some Spanish missionaries by. So Elder Drabicki and I went by and we taught him, his wife and daughter!! They were way prepared too. It was awesome.

Saturday was a day of miracles. We had a lesson with (G) who is a investigator we found earlier in the week. She was a referral from the Bishop that he gave to the missionaries about 3 months ago. The missionaries never went by. So he asked us if we would go by and visit with her. He had met with her for an interview to work at the DI. So Elder Wright and I went by earlier in the week and she is super solid! She had already been reading the Book of Mormon, she has member friends and has been inviting one of her less active member friends to start coming back to church with her.

So we had a couple lessons with her this week. On Saturday we went by and had planned on inviting her to be baptized. As we were teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the 4th Article of Faith we mentioned baptism. She told us that baptism is something that she has been thinking about a lot and something that she wants to learn how she can do it! We told her that we had planned to invite her to be baptized and she got super excited and started crying. She said that this is what she has been wanting and she is now on date for June 9th! She is a super sweet Philippino lady in her late 40's. Another miracle as well is that all of her family is super supportive of her and whatever choices she makes even though they all have different religions. On Sunday she came out to church as well and she loved it. It wasn't her first time coming, but it had been a few weeks. She loves it all. It's so awesome to see how prepared she is and how much the Lord has been working with her and preparing her to hear His message!

On Saturday I was also able to go to the baptism of Sister (N). She is a lady that I taught the past 6 months in my last area. She is super awesome and we have worked with her a lot. We have had her on a couple baptismal dates but they all fell through with her husband's sickness and then he passed away. The week I left we put her on date for May 12th to be baptized and that took place this past Saturday. It was good to be able to go back to that and to be there to support her. She has been taught since January of 2017 so some of the missionaries who had taught her have already gone home. Some of them are at school in BYU Idaho and they drove out to come to her baptism as well. It was cool to see all of her support.

That was about all for this week. It was good to talk to you all yesterday. I hope you all continue to read and to pray and to go to church. The gospel is true. It is important. It will bless your life. I love you all and hope you have a good rest of your week!
I love you all!!
Elder Ethan Stucki

Thursday, June 21, 2018

May 7, 2018


Tuesday went pretty well. We had District meetings. My District leader is Elder Rudd. He was one of my previous companions which is pretty cool. Since he is a district leader I got to go on an exchange with him after the meetings. We go on exchanges with all of our district leaders each transfer. We were in my area and it went pretty well. We tracted into a super sweet lady who opened the door and told us to come right in. There was not a 3rd male so we could not go in but we taught her about the Book of Mormon on her door step. She wanted to learn more so we set up a time to come back on Thursday. We also had a meeting that night with President Keeney the Stake President who is so awesome!! He's such a spiritual giant and we get to meet with him weekly which is awesome. Watch and see he is going to be a General Authority one day!!

Thursday.... what a day ha ha
Today was actually a really good day with a pretty funny experience. So the lady I told you about on Tuesday... (T)  We went back to teach her with our Elders Quorum President and she was there and let us in. She had forgotten we were coming but was willing to let us come in and teach. As we walk in we saw her son there who was about 28 years old. He wanted to know what we were doing there and she told him we were there to teach her about the Book of Mormon. He came to us and was like "What y'all preaching tonight?" We told him we teach about Christ and he's like "really sit down I'm a prophet" right then I knew it was about to get interesting. I'll dumb this down a lot because we were there for 20 minutes before we just had to stand up and walk out. He pulls up a scripture in Numbers 15:38 about how it was a commandment to wear fringes and he was wearing fringes at the end of his shirt and we were not. So we can't claim to teach about Christ if we don't follow his commandments! It was a pretty funny experience honestly. Even more funny because our Elders Quorum President was just called Sunday and this was his first time going out with us. He was in for a treat!

Friday was MLC which took up the whole day. It was good. It was just basically on the new way to do planning with technology. There is a lot of training that is going on with the phones. 

Saturday we had to get an oil change on our car. We went out finding for a little bit and found a new investigator named (H). He is in his 60's. He let us in his home and just started talking. He has had a life full of crazy adventures and a pretty wild background that has led him to find Christ. It's pretty neat how within seconds of meeting us people will open up and tell us their whole life story. He is a southern baptism but at the end of our lesson he said that he feels like he understands Christ so much better then he did before. He invited us to come back. It was pretty cool! God's preparing his children!!

Saturday was also dart night which is so sweet! The member is a stud. We just eat food, play darts and talk about the gospel with every one who comes. We are free to invite whoever we want too. So we invited a couple of less active and investigators to come. There are so many people to fellowship them and it's just pretty sweet. Every ward needs a dart night for missionary work! It works!!

Something that has been on my mind this past week is prayer. I have been thinking about what President Nelson said last conference about how "you would be amazed with how much the Lord wants to reveal to you." The new way to do our planning with the phones is all based on revelation. Without that revelation we won't be able to do effective planning each day. The new way of ministering is also based on revelation. Without personal revelation we won't be able to effectively minister to those who we are to watch over. There is a pattern to this. The church is moving in such a way that we all need to be worthy of that revelation. How do we receive it? Through prayer. As I have tried to improve my prayers this past week I have also strengthened my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I have been able to understand and recognize the Spirit better. I hope each of you are spending time each morning and each night in prayer... talking with God to seek his guidance. I agree with President Nelson that there is so much He wants to reveal to us. We just need to ask Him. I love all of you and thanks for all that you do for me. I hope you each have a good week and don't forget to pray!!

Elder Ethan Wayne Stucki

~yes. It is starting to warm up but it is nice because I am done with the rain!!
we are planning on having a zone activity and playing ultimate frisbee today. The best sight to see here is the Redondo Beach. I have been really bad at taking pictures. However I did get a SD card for the camera and have started filming things for Ty. The socks you got me are the best. They last your whole mission. My socks still look brand new. They are tough. The shirts are good! My white shirts are still pretty white and looking good. They do need ironing because it looks better. Stains come out easy... with the help of bleach. ha ha I have only worn the big coat like 5 times. I like the smaller ones. On days it was really raining hard in the winter and I was on bike it was nice but other then that the smaller ones are nice. I don't like the backpack unless I was on a bike but for the most part I have always had a car. So I did not need one. Bedding and towels? Yes I am grateful for both of those! I like having my big quilt but IDK  what he will need there and how easy it will be to move it all because they are big.
I gotta go. I hope you all have a good week! I love you all!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

April 30, 2018

Last Monday for our p-day we had fun. There is a member here in Federal Way that owns a sub zero. They let the missionaries go every p-day and get free ice cream. So that is really cool! Later that night we went to a lesson we had set with (D) who was a potential we found on Saturday. We had talked with her a little bit about God's plan for our happiness. She had a lot of questions and today we were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation. She was so open and receptive and is in the best place right now. She already has a faith in Christ but nothing much past that. Her family has not attended church much so she wants to learn more! At the end of the lesson she was so excited to have us come back. It was pretty cool how we found her we went to try a former in an apartment complex and we ended up knocking on the wrong door because we got the apartment #s mixed up. We know it wasn't a coincidence that we knocked on her door. We were led there by a loving Heavenly Father who is watching over all of his children. He will help us find those whom he has been preparing!

We had our district meetings. This zone is bigger then any of the other zones I have served in so there are 3 districts. We get to go to all three of them as well so it makes for a pretty long day but they are really good. Ever since I got here we have been really busy. Which is good. But it's hard to keep up with things. After district meetings we ran down to a lesson we had with (J) who is one of our investigators. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized. He declined at this time because he says he has already been baptized. He did commit to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and help "see where it goes from there." We wish we had more time to talk with him about it but he will get there. After that lesson we met up with the Assistants to go on an exchange. I went with Elder Christensen to Clark Lake in Kent. The rest of the night I was on a split with his ward mission leader Brother Smith who've I've never met. We went and visited families I knew nothing about. ha ha Oh, how I love the things you do on missions.

Wednesday we finished up the exchange with the Assistants which went good. Elder Christensen and I were able to find a new investigator for them. We met him out walking his dog and he asked us if we had any tips for him on how he could draw closer to Jesus Christ because that is something he has been looking for. We were able to teach him the restoration and committed him to be baptized as well! It was pretty cool.

Thursday was full of planning and a lot of finding. We went to a apartment complex that is massive to visit a potential. As we were walking up to one of the buildings. 5 little kids came running out yelling, "missionaries, missionaries" they were so excited to see us and we were confused because we didn't know who they were. It turns out that their mother is the one that we were going to visit. The previous missionaries used to go and teach them all the time. Their family invited us in and we were able to teach them more about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. They committed to read it which is super exciting they are an awesome family.

Our day on Friday was super empty so we went and did a lot of finding. We found a few new investigators. It is easier to find investigators here but it is hard to find people who are solid and willing to keep commitments though. The people here are willing to listen to what we have to say but not all of them are willing to commit to any invitation. We meet a lot of cool people of all sorts of backgrounds which is cool.

On Saturday evening our ward had a youth fundraiser that was fun. All the youth 12 and older did talent shows and had dinner and dessert for everyone to raise money for a trip they have coming up this summer. There was also a silent auction going on as well. It was combined with the Spanish branch so they did some cool traditional dances. Every Saturday night a member in the ward has a "dart night" where tons of people from the ward invite other friends to his home. He has a big "man cave" in his garage he has lots of drinks and food and we play darts. Lots of non members come and it is open to talk about the church so we are able to invite them to come to church with us.

We were pretty sad at church on Sunday because none of our investigators showed up. We are not sure what is keeping then from coming. They don't really have an excuse, they just don't come. So that's is what we will be focusing on this next week is getting people out to church.

That was our week in a nut shell. I'm loving Federal Way and Elder Wright is a stud too. I hope you all are doing good back at home. I am excited for Ty and his call!! 
I love you all and hope you have a good week! Thanks for all you do. 

(S) is doing pretty good. He missed his return appointment but we rescheduled for another day. (P) we cant get a hold of.

 I have watched Ty's mission call video like 10 times today. It's good. He is gonna love it. Did anyone guess that he was going to go there? There were a lot of people there!! Ty looks huge! 

I have a camera I can send home for Ty. It is the nice one you sent me. I used for like a month only. I will buy a SD card out here and put it in it and send it home. I will take pictures on it for him!! So don't buy him a camera. I am going to film me doing some object lessons or something that I have learned on my mission so that he can have them!!

Man I am so excited for Ty!! That is going to be so exciting!! 4 years is going to be a long time of not seeing him.

Have a good week. I love you all !!

Elder Ethan Wayne Stucki

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

April 23, 2018

I got transferred to Federal Way!! We taught a lesson to (R) who is a DJ. It was a pretty good lesson we taught about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. He's a good guy but just has a hard time retaining the information. We then had a meeting with President Keney who is the Stake President and also President Rassmussen the mission President. We have this meeting once a month to talk about the work that is going on within the zone which is a lot! I'm so excited for this transfer.


I love it here!! This is what I think I thought my mission was going to be like. 

We are just up here in da hood / city and there is more diversity here then I have ever seen in my life. I talked to more people today who didn't speak English the I have my whole mission combined.( Well tried to talk to at least.) 

Not only that but we were finding investigators too!! We were tracting in some big homes down on the Puget Sound (ocean, so pretty!) We met this guy named (S). He is a African American midget!! He was sweet! He just let us teach him right there on the spot and that has like hardly ever happened on my mission. It's like a totally different culture here. We taught about prophets and the Book of Mormon and he committed to read and we will be going back next Thursday! We talked to more people today though then I usually do in a transfer. It felt so good though. I just constantly felt like I was fulfilling my purpose all day. It was so fun! I love this gospel and I love Federal Way!

We had a lesson with a less active member. It was a pretty good lesson and we went planning on teaching about the sacrament and church. It was really cool because he had already made some personal goals to come out and attend all three hours of church from now on. So that was cool! We also got a new investigator named (P). We found him at 8:45 right before we went in. We had some extra time and so we went and walked the highway and found him at one of the bus stops. He let us teach him right there on the spot which was cool!

Friday... we were off ha ha We had the sisters in our zone ask us of we could come and give a blessing to one of their investigators that was having a hard time. So we went over Friday morning and I was able to give her a blessing. It was a pretty special moment and then we helped her pack some things because she had to leave her house with her 2 kids. As we were leaving... it was 9:04, some of the other missionaries asked us what time interviews with the President started. I looked at Elder Wright and I'm like no way are interviews today. We had totally forgotten about them and they started at 9:00  ha ha So we had to rush home change into our suits and then head to the church. Luckily we were giving a blessing and Presidents is pretty understanding. It was funny.

Saturday was fun. We had our festival of finding day but we did it a little bit different. From 9-12 there was a federal way service day at celebration park and the community was coming together to clean up the park. There was like 500 people there it was pretty cool. So as a zone we went and helped and there was a lot of members there as well.

Sunday is always good in a new area because it's a time to get to know all of the new members. It's a good ward but it's an old ward. There are not many youth which is different from my last area. (We had 60 young women and 40 young men) But it is a good ward.

I'm loving this new area though. It's so much easier to find people to teach here. Of course every area has its struggles and here it's finding people who will keep there return appointments. We are working with quite a few people so that is good. There was so much that happened this week. There is no way to write it all. But I'm doing good!

This area is super pretty too. I'll send some pictures. We are right on the Puget Sound and we go down to Redondo Beach and contact people out on the pier. It's pretty fun! 
Thank you all for all you do. I love you and have a good week!
Elder Ethan Wayne Stucki

~I bet Ty is getting anxious. That's exciting. Also those two packages idk if you opened them or not but if you haven't you don't need to. You can just keep them boxed until I get home. It is just books I don't need anymore and then a lot of clothing items I still want!!  So they can stay boxed and not be given to the brothers!! I want them still when I get home.

There is definitely a different vibe. Puyallup at least the area I was in was all just residential and big nice homes. Federal way is the city so a lot more people and a lot of apartments and a beach and just a lot different. I like it.

Our apartment is pretty small but its okay. We are in cars. Zone leaders always have cars which is nice. Yeah just the same it's getting split June 30. Federal Way will be in the Seattle Mission. So most likely I will be going to the Seattle mission.

Yes I do have to go. I hope you all have a good week. I love and miss you all! Your awesomer!!

April 17, 2018

Sorry this letter is going to be a little boy shorter but there really wasn't a ton that happened this week. This week was a pretty empty week. Wednesday we went and did a blitz with the Sumner Elders. I went with one and Elder Delp went with the other and we just went tracting and trying to find new people. We ended up finding 6 potentials for them to go back to so that was pretty good.

Saturday we went on an exchange. I went to Clark's Creek area with Elder Ramos. He is pretty new. He just had his second transfer. It was a good exchange but super wet!! We were on bike and it rained all day. I was soaked to the bone. But it was good we ended up tracting onto a less active member who they didn't even know was there and they don't have his records but he was a super cool guy and knows he needs to go back. So hopefully they can continue to work with him.

I did end up getting transferred! I'm really going to miss this ward and the members they are super awesome. I will also miss our apartment because it's a way nice apartment. It's only been a missionary apartment for 2 years so it's new and still super clean and in a nice area. But I'm excited to move on and go to some new areas!! I'll be going to Federal Way which is in the city and I'll be in the north for the first time in my mission so it will be fun!

I love you all and hope you have a good week and that all is going well back home

Thank you for all that you do. I love, love, love you!!
Elder Ethan Wayne Stucki