I really wish I had a lot to write about this week but the truth is I don't. Most of this transfer we have been in the apartment because of Elder Pugh's surgery. The mission nurse only lets us out 3 hours a day at the most. We really only get to go to set appointments and dinners. So it has been really slow!! It gets so old being in the apartment but I do get to go on exchanges sometimes so that is nice! Hopefully soon we can start to get out more!

I have been able to study the scriptures quite a bit lately since we have a lot of down time and I love to read the scriptures!! Honestly the more I read and the more I study it just makes it so clear that this is Christs church! I just wish that as we went out each day that the people could soften their hearts just for a few minutes and then read the Book of Mormon! It is so amazing! 

I was reading Kailor's email before this and he posted something I really liked so I will share it with y'all!
If we are not able to be all in the way that we are presently walking, then maybe we need to run, maybe we need to recalculate our route, we might even need to study more intently, pray more earnestly or just let some things go so we can hang on to those things that really matter.  We may need to let go of the world so we can hang on to eternity.  It is far better to follow the creator than the crowd.  As we are faithful, we can have equal certainty that things will work out well for us in the end.  The Lord promises are sure.  Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for him that love him.  

We may need to let go of the world so we can hang on to eternity." I love this part! It's kinda funny because when I lay in bed at night I always have like little role plays in my head of what I could say to people. I  have been thinking about some people back home who are not doing exactly what they should be and this was the exact thought I had. I wish that those people would realize what they are doing and how short of a life this is! Why do things that might seem fun now when that in all reality is going to put eternity in jeopardy. 

God asks so little of us. "If ye love me, keep my commandments." John 14:15. and as we do so we "may dwell with God in a state of never ending happiness." Mosiah 2:41

This gospel is so amazing! There is nothing greater. I hope you all are doing well and know how much I love you! Choose the right! Be good! Say your prayers and God will bless you!
Elder Ethan Stucki

July 31, 2017

This week we did not have much going on. We were finally able to make it out and go tracking for the first time this transfer. So that was nice. We did not find anyone though. We found a couple of potentials. It was still nice to be able to go out and do some missionary work. We have mostly been doing member work this transfer so we were not out walking a lot because of my companions surgery.

We are only teaching one guy. Our investigator pool has gone down a lot lately because we have not been able to get out and find anyone. But this new guy is a super cool guy. He is black and I'm only saying that because he has that black funny guy personality. He wants to get baptized but he is living with his girlfriend right now and they have 3 kids and she has another on the way. She is also a less active member. So they are working on most likely getting married sometime in the near future and then he will get baptized.

Funny thing actually just barely happened. We were standing outside of the library waiting for it to open and there was me and like 9 other missionaries and some old guy had been sitting on the bench and he came up to me and got right in my face and was talking about the trinity and everything and at first I was just standing there smiling but then he was like "so your religion is crap!"  I was not smiling after that. I folded my arms and was not happy. I hate when people straight up try and kick the church to the curb and who is this old guy doing this in front of 10 missionaries. Anyways I just said okay have a good day and he stopped talking. But the funny part is as we are all walking into the library another guy who was standing there and watched it all happen said you should of just punched him in the face. Obviously I would not do that. The funny part was the old man heard it and left and has not come back. Some people here are crazy.

A couple other things:

1-  I got to say the opening prayer in church yesterday. That is not like big news but it was kinda cool. It was the first time I have done that. I thought only married people do that. But I guess not. haha.  just kidding

2- I forgot to tell you... a couple weeks ago but I just remembered I got to be in on a baby blessing and those are so cool!! First time I have done that too. The spirit was so strong. I don't know why but it was different from other blessings. There was something special. Life is so awesome. I get to be in on another one next Sunday for a part member family who is blessing their baby. I am excited.

Have a great week.
I love you all!!
Elder Ethan Stucki