Monday, November 21, 2016

Missionary Work Blesses Missionaries & Their Families...

Holy all I can say is....
I am so excited for Karissa!!! California, San Jose. That is awesome.  She will love it there.  
Madi called it cause she said she bets she goes to Cali!!

Anyways it has been a good week!!

Elder Gay of the Seventy came and talked to our mission this week.  It was really good. Listening to General Authorities speak just makes me so excited to be a missionary.  It still doesn't seem real. He talked a lot about how missionary work blesses the missionary and their families.
(D&C 31:1-5)

We also had a mission devotional last night which was cool.  It was all the converts in the past year could bare their testimonies.  We had a investigator there and it was good for him.

The weather is great.  It really doesn't rain that much and its not to cold either. We eat way good.  We have dinner at a members home every night.  We always make a way good breakfast and lunch.
I have put on 10 lbs hahahaha

Transfers are next week so I won't have P-day until Tuesday.

Love all y'all

I'm only on for another 10 minutes then I'm off cause we are going mountain biking with a memner for a little and then we will be back on later for a little longer.

Elder Stucki
November 21, 2016

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